How to Transfer Contacts between Google Accounts?

Often there is a case when we lost our device or the contacts get lost due to one or another reason. If you lost your device or data, then it becomes quite hard to retrieve them. Google makes it easy to retrieve them. Different processes can easily import the contact file from google if you have made the synchronization of your device to Google. 

Google doesn’t provide specified and automatic sync contacts between two different google accounts or with a google account or any other device. Apart from that, there are some of the manual processes. This is a two-step process that enables you to export contacts from one account to another. There lies a CSV file from which you have to export your contacts from. These CSV files are way too smaller in size that makes it perfect for synchronized export.

If you want the easy way of transferring or sharing email contacts then you can opt in for native tools like Share Google Contacts or Shared Contacts for Gmail App or Share Gmail Contacts article.

Step by step guide for transferring contacts between Google accounts 

Below mentioned are those steps that will surely help you to export the contacts between two accounts:

  • This is one of the prior steps that define the need of the people. The first step in transferring your contacts is to export them from the account where they stored previously. Go to the Google Contacts page. Sign in to the account with the contacts you want to transfer. Select the contacts you want to transfer or just click the select all button if you want to move everything. Being one of the important steps. This should be given preference to get desired results. Click the “More” button and, then select “Export” from the drop-down menu that appears. This is one of the steps that providers idea of the contacts that are going to be exported.
  • In the Export Contacts window, make sure that the right contacts are selected. You can choose between the contacts you had selected when you started the export, a specific group, or all contacts in the account. Select the “Google CSV format” option and then click Export. This type of file is way convenient and provides a different level of ease while importing the contacts.
  • The CSV file will download to your default download location and will be named “Google is recommended that you should move the CSV file to the folder to get away from confusion. This step is mandatory and needs keen attention. If any of the sub-steps gets dislodged, then it will cause difficulty in recognizing the file and ultimately restricts the export

The following steps details with importing Contacts into Your Second Google Account

  • After getting the exported file with your contacts, now it’s time to import those contacts into your other Google account. Get back to Google Contacts page and sign in with your second account. This step should be done in the succession of the above steps after exporting. It is very important to understand that both of these export and import are interrelated processes that can be done with proper care. 
  •  Click the “More” button and choose the “Import” command from the drop-down menu that appears. This is as same as the second step of the export process. The drop-down menu makes it real quick to perform.
  • In the Import Contacts window, click the “Choose File” button, and, then point it towards the file of exported contacts you created in the previous step. This should be done to make the data stored very easily as hard to find files often get dislodged or deleted. 
  • And finally, click the “Import” button to import the saved contacts into your account. This is the last step that enables you to avail of all of your contacts in your new account. 
  • The imported contacts will show up in your “My Contacts” list and you can also view just the imported contacts in a special group that’s named according to the date you performed importing.

These are all the things that you need to perform. Numerous forums also provide effective help for this. There is a feature of Google that entails the effective usage of the contacts in multiple accounts.

There are numerous third-party options available in the market that helps to provide an automatic capability to sync your google account to a mealtime account. These services come yearly and help you to acquire the desired productivity in a very reasonable pricing option there are other concerns also that relate to the syncing of the accounts. It depends upon the need and preferences of the client. This is one of the features that make your life easy. In case of any discrepancies or difficulty, these are the effective ways that can help you out.