Ommited From Native Studies Programs

As an Aboriginal Scholar I have an issue that I need to bring up that is important too me. I was going to include this as part of Lee Maracle’s post when she brought up Native Studies, but felt the subject matter warranted its own post. I have an article that I will include here later on that I wrote for a Native American Journal that explains this situation better. I am not writing this for sympathy but rather out of passion, anger and conviction. I would like to know if this is exclusively an issue with only me or have other Aboriginal scholars faced the same thing. It has to do with since finishing my doctorate some Five Years ago I have never being short listed for a job in Native Studies. In fact I taught Native Studies for seven years but my position was terminated the year I finished my doctorate. Since that time I have taught full time in Religious Studies, International Development Studies and Conflict Resolution Studies with an excellent teaching record having being cited in Macleans magazine two years in row as one of the most popular teachers in the University. I now run a community based Goverance Program out of Continuing Education. I have traveled and being with Elders in many parts of the world and defended my dissertation in Senegal Africa during a conference of traditional healers. My book “Seeing With Aboriginal Eyes” is now in Press at the University of Manitoba and I have a traditional history that is being reviewed in a Mohawk community for educational purposes. Yet, I never get short-listed in Native Studies Programs in either Canada or the United States. I think it wouldn’t bug me if I got short listed and lost a job to someone more qualified than me. However, I am not even looked at by Native Studies Programs for an interview. Yet, I see all these non- Aboriginal Anthropologists working there and even some Aboriginals with M.A.’s in Business or with law degrees with no publications. I guess the question I am asking is. Are there other Aboriginal scholars in the U.S. or Canada also dealing with the same issue as I am that want to work in Native Studies but are being by-passed for interviews for what ever reason? My article is called, “The White Washing of Native Studies Programs and Programming in Academic Institutions” and will be published out of Nebraska.