Turning Point offers cyber-space for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada to have open and direct communication with each other.

With your support, this site can be a dynamic and respectful meeting place for First Nations, Metis, Inuit and diverse non-Aboriginal peoples — a turning point from which we can look back and move ahead, in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.

You’re invited to share your ideas and information here, challenge and support each other, reflect and act, listen and express yourself: be “hard on problems, but soft on people.”

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! … on any topic or issue related to Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relations.

You can contribute either by submitting an article or by participating in the discussion forums.

To prevent abuse of this system, our moderators review both the content and tone of all submissions for relevance and respect. We’ve provided the basic framework, but it will be your input that will make Turning Point useful and inspiring.

Our Aboriginal and Native Supporting Organizations

(Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada)

We welcome suggestions for improvements, new supporters and for other features we could add to the site.